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Please check if this chess server is what you are looking for.

You want to play chess.
You know the chess rules, at least approximately.
You want to have enough time for your chess games.
You want to meet players of your own strength.
You consider to play in a real chess tournament - even if you never did that before.
You want to read (and publish) commented chess games.
You want to download chess games in PGN format for your chess database program.
You want to play a private chess game with a friend on an online chess board?
You want to read interesting chess news and chess articles?

Did you check more than 3 boxes?
Then you must visit PlayChess!

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You need not enter this chess site through the front door. If you prefer, you can jump directly to those chess pages that are your main interest.

Introduction to PlayChess
How to play a chess tournament or a chess game at PlayChess
Chess articles on various topics
Annotated chess games - learn from chess annotations
Chess player directory
Download chess games in PGN (Portable Game Notation)
Thematic chess tournament - games played with the same opening variant


The native languages of PlayChess are English and German (still incompletely translated).
But we provide automatic translations for several languages. Simply click on the language flag in the main menu of the pages.

I strongly recommend to use the English or German version of this website. The tournament rules and other agreements are binding only in the English version.

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