September 29, 2008

Do these Dutch ladies know everything? (final cut)

Dear friends, this is the final cut of the very popular blog article of your beloved chess site. I have edited all of your comments, made sure that all references to real persons are removed, and I am proud to anounce the sequel! As soon as investigations come to an end, get prepared to welcome the new thriller story with the dramatic title: "The BanzayFish scandal" or "ZorMaster-gate" :-)

I have just discovered that two handles, supposed to belong to two ladies from the Netherlands, two respectable strong women chess players, have crossed the line of politeness and decided to play the role of cheater police investigators. These handles have finally decided to drop out of (together with a team of other 6 players from the Netherlands) they have not logged in since August 28th, but they have left behind them a lot of written comments which are public available for anybody. The big questions are these: Who cheated whom? and Who has the right to file a good case in normal courts?
(The old entry here also mentioned FIDE. Well, this is probably out of question.)

As you know the comments we write to each other can be still accessed through the history link of a game page. So you should be very careful and write politely to your opponent. These Dutch handles showed the bad habit of accusing their opponents of cheating and connected this accusation with the fact that their opponent has no FIDE Elo or is not a registered chess player.
There are 11 examples of sharp language in the latest 80 games of ZorMaster and 13 examples for BanzayFish.

Here is a brief collection. Sit back and enjoy or click the links to get the full image. Let's start with BanzayFish who has a problem with players that don't show up OTB.
Example 1: no chess history? Just engine play? Pity
Example 2: the whole dialogue...
B: strong engine use german
Op: Is not true. I could also say. Logical sequence
B: You cannot because i am a well know chess player and who the hell are you? Pastye gameload from you gives 60 games not lost, lol.Cheating feels better?
Example 3: another chess engine user. U sux in real chess, shame on you arse
Example 4: hear hear, mr nobody in chess, get a life kiddy.
Example 5: sitting every sunday in front of al the other church people? And in the usual days cheating all who stands in your way, jerk. Tipical yankee doodle jerk who loves to manupulate people, you must be bush twin bro.

The other handle supposed to belong to a younger lady uses even sharper language.
Example 6: and your sore attitude bigger then Brasilian maintown.And your bloody engines are just garbage as u are
Example 7: rotten cheater. Lets hope you get an accident
Example 8: you f bastrerd a win by a wrong interface,my queen was on anther place, yoy ARSE HOLE.rotten cheater.go to hell where u belon.
Indeed this handle had a problem with her opponent being impolite:
Example 9: This poor fellow never replied to the initial "gl & gg". By her second move she replied "sure, being polite never heard off i suppose."
Example 10: Bloody cheap engine player.You suck at real chess and want to be a GM in cheating? I checked 80 games and none lost yet. Time to inform the web owner.Idiot.

Yes ZorMaster and BanzayFish as well. It is time to inform all members of this site and the rest of the world about your bad sportsmanship.

But ZorMaster and BanzayFish, please, let's make this clear:

I don't hope that you get an accident.

I only wish that you understand that Internet is a place that some rodents pretend they are lions and it is possible that there are rodents who are real lions and for some private reasons do not like to be socially involved in OTB chess. All of them hide behind handles and they should be equally respectable, they don't deserve in any case the language you used against them.

Please come back to the site both of you and make a public statement, an apology for your sharp language.

This last part of the article seems very silly to me right now. The comments that all of you have posted are divided. Some of you believe that cheating is more important, some of you believe that more important is using sharp language. I am going to examine all of your comments. But this is not the point right now. Here, in this case it seems that we've all been cheated guys.

From now on this article is closed for comments. Sorry, for cutting the dialogue in the middle of the heat. But don't worry. Soon enough a new blog entry is going to present details of "The BanzayFish scandal" or "ZorMaster-gate".

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