January 14, 2004

PlayChess Open - 3rd round

Most games of the second round are over. Accelerated pairing would have been possible earlier, but I wanted to make sure that all players (me inclusive) are back from their christmas holidays and ready for the fight.

This second round had a number of surprising results. Some "underdogs" used their silicon partner in a clever way and grabbed half or even full points from their opponents. But these "Grandmaster defeats" do not prevent these favourites from winning the tournament. There are still 7 rounds to go...

Round Three will begin at 2004-01-19 00:00 GMT

Players who refused to play their first two games will be eliminated from the tournament. This will reduce the number of timeouts in this round. Players who lost both games by timing out, but wish to continue the tournament, should notify me as soon as possible.

More prizes from ChessMail
Tim Harding
Tim Harding from ChessMail Magazine sponsored several prizes for our PlayChess Open:

- MegaCorr 3 CD-ROM
- Total Marshall CD-ROM
- Several books
- Several issues of ChessMail 2003

I will soon describe these prizes on the pages of the PCO.

Thank you (again), Mr. Harding!

Please visit our new sponsor at www.ChessMail.com!

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