February 20, 2004

Linares 2004 - Round 2

The Linares tournament has started. You can view the games live at
marca.todoajedrez.tv/ronda2.htm .

Currently running:
Kasparov - Radjabov (the revenge?)
Topalov - Vallejo Pons
Kramnik - Shirov

Posted by Thomas Stahl at February 20, 2004 05:16 PM

ao tenho comentarios a fazer...tou só aprendendo

Posted by: fernendo at February 20, 2004 07:55 PM

Hey Thomas!

Thanks for posting something about the Linares tournament! It is fun to watch the games live, even if they are mostly draws! I wouldn't mind if you posted other notes about current tournaments, since I usually don't know about the strong tournaments until I get a chess magazine in the mail. :)

Later, Heather (HFlew)

Posted by: Heather Swan at March 3, 2004 03:31 AM

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