September 01, 2005

PlayChess 5.0

You didn't hear much from me in recent weeks. There were two good reasons: I have been in holiday and developed the next generation of PlayChess (mostly at the same time). If you are still waiting for a reply to your email, please apologize. I promise to do my "homework" as soon as possible.

New Features
The new version number will be 5.0, because the technical base changed substantially. There is not a single page that is untouched by these changes. Nevertheless, most pages should appear the same.

There is only one new feature: the PlayChess translation system. From now on, volunteers can translate the site into their native language. The translation process will happen "behind the scenes" for most visitors. But soon, (nearly) everybody will see PlayChess in his native language.

Please read the translation tutorial.

PlayChess needs you!
We still need volunteers for translating the site. If you are interested, please read the tutorial above and apply for this (unpaid!) "job".
Some of you offered their help long ago. Please confirm your offer with a short email. I will then activate your "translatorship" quickly.

Thank you very much in advance!

Any remarks or error messages about the new release should be posted to the forum

PS: News about the next round of the Swiss tournaments, planned feature enhancements etc. will follow soon.

Posted by Thomas Stahl at September 1, 2005 12:34 AM

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