May 07, 2004

HCL Swiss starts on Monday

The first round of our HCL Swiss tournament will start on Monday, May 10th at 10:00 GMT.

Please note that this tournament uses a new chess clock: you cannot accumulate more than 20 days on this clock, no matter how fast you play. Even if you have 19 days and 23 hours on your clock while making your move, you will have at most 20 days and 0 hours thereafter.

Please let me remind you (for the last time) that chess engines (anything that "calculates" moves) are strictly forbidden here! Nobody can control that, nobody will even try to prove computer cheating here. I assume that "fair play" means something to everybody of us. BTW: did you pay the membership fee for yourself - or for your computer?

The pairings of this tournament are made by Paul van Rooijen from the Netherlands.

Good luck - and have fun!

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ACL Swiss - Round 4 at last!

Dear players,

my sincere apologies for the late start of round 4. Several circumstances came together to prevent this round: my computer crash, lots of work (regular job, not PlayChess) and finally I got ill.

Round 4 starts on Friday, May 7th at 10:00 GMT

Chances are good that the remaining rounds will start in time, because I got help from an experienced arbiter: Paul van Rooijen from the Netherlands created the pairings for round 4 and will do the same for the all rounds of ACL-S001 and HCL-S002.

Thank you, Paul!

The pairings for the HCL Swiss will be created on Sunday, the games will begin on Monday, May 10th.

Good luck - Thomas

Posted by Thomas Stahl at 12:58 AM | Comments (2)

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