January 28, 2007

Correction of unintended moves

If you made some moves during yesterday's site update, the system might have stored your move in more than one game. Even impossible moves (e.g. Nf5Q) might be stored into the database.

If you detect such an error (only then), please do the following:

- do not make any more moves in this game

- notify me about this game, please provide the following
+ your player name
+ the game name (best send a "problem with this game" report from the game page)
+ the not-intended move (and its move number)
+ the move that your intended to make instead
+ if you are under time pressure (less than 5 days on your clock)

I will restore the position before that unintended move during the following days (depending on how many problem moves exist).

Please apologize all this trouble!

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Programming error corrected

Despite my extensive testing there had been a substantial programming error. Quite often your entries from previous pages were repeated on the current page - resulting in strange error messages or behaviours.

This error is corrected now. You can now make your moves as usual - even move previews, and conditionals should be possible again.
Thanks for your error reports that helped a lot in finding this tricky error.

Possibly, this error lead to "follow-up problems", which will be repaired as soon as possible. Please report any problems in the forum "Error reports" or send me an email.

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January 27, 2007

Preview error

There seems to be a problem with the "preview move" feature. Please do NOT use the previewing of moves until further notice. I will notify you here as soon as the problem is resolved.

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Site update

The site has been updated. Nearly all pages are technically affected even if there are no new features visible.

Background: These changes were necessary for the repair of some tournaments (missing games). Furthermore, the security of PlayChess has been improved.

Please observe if anything is not working as usual - and report it. The errors appearing this afternoon were only temporary; everything should appear unchanged.

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January 05, 2007

No webmaster

I will be on a leave until next Thursday. PlayChess will run unattended, your mails will not be answered until then.

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