"PlayChess 5.0"

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"PlayChess 5.0"
Posted by Sixty4 Click to email on 01-Sep-05, 01:27 PM (GMT)
Please add your remarks and/or error reports about the new 5.0 release to this thread. This avoids duplicate error message flooding my mailbox...

Volunteers for the translation system should contact me by email.

Thomas - webmaster


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MyPage en Espaņol, Dutchin, 09-Sep-05, (1)

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1. "MyPage en Espaņol"
Posted by Dutchin on 09-Sep-05, 03:36 PM (GMT)
Every time my "MyPage"-page appears in Spanish. The other pages appear in English. Even if I change into English, the MyPage turns into spanish the next time I login.


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