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KingGeorge - Player information

Public information about the chess player KingGeorge (George Elgin).


Name   George Elgin
Gender   male
Member status   Guest
Account type   permanent / active
USA   Click to read about USA ...
Joined   2000-06-28
Last visit   2018-12-15
Grand Prix Points   493
Tournament wins   34
Games lost by time   0


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Favourite sentence

A good player is always lucky--Capablanca

About me

I have been playing chess since age 6,, seriously since 1971 or so. My USCF rating is continually in decline. has given me a chance to renew my chess, and improve tactics. I have always thought computers will be the end of chess as we knew it. I Currently make my home in FL, US (near Tampa). Career: Computer Consultant specializing in c,c++, perl etc. on any unix platform. Realtime programmming, and communications interfaces (both man and machine) a specialty. I am very interested in the us stock market (equities) as well. Feel free to take a look (and comment on) some of my online analytics

Human Chess League

Rated games   664
Tournament class   M
PlayChess Rating (PCR)   1632

Advanced Chess League

Player KingGeorge did not play any games in this league,
but can start in class A with an initial rating of 1500.

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