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unclcarle - Player information

Public information about the chess player unclcarle (Carle Atwater).


Name   Carle Atwater
Age   59
Gender   male
Member status   Premium
Account type   permanent / active
United States   Click to read about United States ...
Joined   2002-08-16
Last visit   2018-02-24
Grand Prix Points   397
Tournament wins   77
Games lost by time   0


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Favourite sentence

Matthew 6:33-ůseek ye 1st the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

About me

Three of my passions are photography, travel and carpentry. I purchased my 1st camera when I was 19 and fell in love with capturing images( I love travel and will jump on a plane at the drop of a hat and I have been doing carpentry work for over 40 years ( I recently relocated to the Atlanta, Ga area and love it.

Human Chess League

Rated games   2317
Tournament class   C
PlayChess Rating (PCR)   1259

Advanced Chess League

Rated games   11
Tournament class   A
PlayChess Rating (PCR)   1249

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