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Human Player Registration

Please fill in the fields of the registration dialog. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. You enter your personal data with some reluctance? That's okay. I can understand that too well. Read our privacy statement to remove your doubts.

Register as a human player
  Please check the email address!


Privacy hide the following personal data
*First Name
*Last Name
Gender male female
Please confirm your input on the following page!

Humans only!

Nickname. This is your unique handle on our site. This name will be seen by all players in every tournament you play. It cannot be changed, so please select it carefully.
Allowed characters are letters, digits and the underscore "_". Case is important ("john", "John" and "JOHN" are different player names). The underscore character "_" will be displayed as a space " " on most pages: "John_Doe" would be displayed as "John Doe".

Email. You must enter a valid email address, because we will send your preliminary password there. Your email address is never shown at PlayChess to protect you from spam emails.

Playing Strength. Please give us a rough estimation of your current playing strength. This initial rating number does not influence the rating you may achieve here at PlayChess. Your PlayChess rating will be calculated from your results only. This startup rating determines in which class you will play initially (shown in brackets on the left).

Unrated players should choose "Beginner".

Masters. If you are a master (> ELO 2100), you should register with a rating of 2100. Then send an email with the following data:
  • your player name
  • your complete real name
  • your FIDE rating
  • your chess titles (if any)
I will then change your rating to the value given by you. Furthermore you can start in class M of the Human Chess League.
Important: Don't start any tournaments before your data have been adapted.

First Name. For example, "John".

Last Name. For example, "Miller". Your real name is required to prove your (high) rating.

Age. Just for statistical use. Leave it empty if you want to keep that private (please don't enter fantasy numbers!).

Gender. Just for statistical use.

Country. Just for statistical use.

Privacy. Your personal data (everything except player name, rating and country) may be hidden from the public. However, hiding these data removes some of the fun - wouldn't you prefer to "know" your opponent? Your email address is never shown - even if you do not hide your personal data.

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