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On these pages we offer several services that may be of interest for members, registered players and casual visitors alike.


A collection of articles on various chess themes - most of them written exclusively for PlayChess. I'm not sure if you can learn much from these texts, but I guarantee that you will be amused.

Site search

You may search this site or the web for anything you need.


You want to see some statistical data? Curious about the breakdown of nationalities or ages of members at this site?

Message boards

Found an error? Have an idea to help improve the site? Or do you simply want to post a chess-related question or message?

The PlayChess Message Boards provide an open forum for both questions and the discussion of chess topics. Other players (and I) will try to answer or discuss your viewpoint.

Books · Software · Movies

Big collection of chess items (several hundred) at jumps to a foreign Website. PlayChess is not responsible for these contents!ChessWorld.

About us

You want to know who created this fantastic site? And how?
Or you want to advertise here?


What? You want to visit other chess sites?
I cannot understand that, but if you really want to… :)

Link to PlayChess

Graphics and instructions for placing links to PlayChess on your website.

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