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Feature tracker: vote for/against features

These are "official" feature requests that have been submitted by the members of PlayChess. State submitted means that it is still unclear if this task will be implemented, whereas accepted means that the feature will come some day.

But in both cases you can influence the priority of the request (if or when it will be made available) with your vote. Please check the list of scheduled tasks and the list of done or declined tasks before entering a new task.

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Requests 1-25 of 119 (ordered by modification time)
Nr Title Click on the entries in this column Type Click on the entries in this column State Click on the entries in this column Votes From When
1 playing for money unclear submitted 0 Reverend O… 2015-06-24
2 Double round tournaments feature submitted 0 Amadeus1985 2015-06-05
3 zugdauer in Privatpartien unclear submitted 1.0000 1 Matthen 2015-04-03
4 Add FEN strings improve submitted 0.3333 3 TripledRoo… 2010-10-31
5 tournaments for rating categories feature submitted 0.8182 6 veteran 2010-04-29
6 average time per move feature submitted 0.9375 8 Pmattt 2009-04-20
7 Automatic 3 - move repitition feature submitted 0.6154 6 RandyDzicek 2008-10-15
8 Notification of new tournaments feature submitted -0.5000 2 Tivrusky 2008-07-14
9 Permanent thematic tournaments improve submitted 0.6818 6 Tivrusky 2008-07-14
10 News section about finished tournaments feature submitted 0.1875 4 Tivrusky 2008-07-14
11 Clock modus on tournaments: Increment time 36h feature submitted -1.9091 3 Joachim 2008-07-07
12 Coaching feature submitted -0.1875 4 schachsky 2008-03-14
13 unclear submitted 0 movingaway 2008-02-26
14 latest results on mypage unclear submitted -2.0000 1 movingaway 2008-02-26
15 latest results on homepage feature submitted 0 movingaway 2008-02-26
16 Member Only Blitz feature submitted 0.3810 5 Zembla 2008-01-22
17 Number of moves indicated for every chess game played improve submitted 0.3333 3 gambitfan 2007-09-18
18 Copy of messages sent to Playchess members improve submitted -0.2000 5 gambitfan 2007-09-16
19 Top 10 ob my best partners feature submitted 0.3810 5 gambitfan 2007-09-10
20 Create more player statistics feature submitted 0.4286 7 golddim 2007-09-05
21 Completed game notification feature submitted 0.0000 2 mooglymoose 2007-08-26
22 game ending notification unclear submitted 0.0000 2 mooglymoose 2007-08-26
23 "My Page" feature submitted 0.1111 7 mooglymoose 2007-08-22
24 conditional move messages feature submitted 0.0000 3 mooglymoose 2007-08-22
25 resignation notification feature submitted 0.5000 4 mooglymoose 2007-08-20

Members should use this page to submit new feature requests. Please check if an entry for your feature request already exists. Duplicate requests will be deleted occassionally, their votes would then be lost.

All players should take their chance to influence PlayChess by voting for (or against) new features. Every player has only one vote per feature, but can change his/her vote later on.
Click on the title of the request to get to the voting page.

Hint. This page is observed very closely by the webmaster. If many players vote for a certain feature, its probability of implementation will rise accordingly. Equally important is the number of voters, because it signals that the feature is (at least) interesting for many. Nevertheless, high importance values do not guarantee a fast schedule or implementation of that feature at all.

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