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Running Tournaments in Class T of HCL

There are 2 tournaments of the requested type.

You can click on the opening in the right-most column to see the initial position of the games and the success statistics of this variant.

Tournament list
 Name Click on the entries in this column Rds Clock Cut Seated PCR Access Opening Click on the entries in this column
HCL-T922 1 5d + 24h 30d 5 / 5 1461  King level Traxler counter attack
HCL-T917 1 5d + 24h 30d 7 / 7 1467  King level Sicilian Hungarian variation

The column Access shows the required access level of this tournament:

Pawn level All players
Knight level Players with 2 valid games (or more)
Rook level Permanent guests
King level Members

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