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The following pages of this tutorial are about the PlayChess translation system. You can savely ignore these pages - unless you are a PlayChess translator or intend to become a member of the translation team.

  Rosetta stone

Volunteers needed!

PlayChess cannot pay anything. But if you have some spare time and would like to help PlayChess, be invited to read the following instructions. At the end of this translator's tutorial you can "apply for the job" of a translator. Any help is welcome.

Let me say a big THANK YOU to all the translators!


With the PlayChess Translation System you can translate the site yourself. Every page you translate becomes immediately visible for you. Other visitors will see your translation after approval by the translation team.

This way, you have an immediate benefit from your work, while others will enjoy your translation at a later date.

In exchange for your work you get a full membership at PlayChess. The more pages you translate, the longer your membership will be. If you are a paying member, your membership will be prolonged accordingly. I have not yet determined how much membership you get per translation. But PlayChess will reward translators very generously. A good translator will never pay for his membership again.

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