December 19, 2006

Spotlight on Class E - November 2006

The E Class folks who are on the rankings list, a little less than 60 in number, have worked hard to get to this stage. Here are the standouts from that group.

Games Played

Here are those who have played the most games:   yannick ( 1293 games) ,   Andy1 ( 1090 games) ,   Goofy ( 936 games) ,   Mosselman ( 834 games) ,   HOTSUN ( 829 games) .

Tournament Wins

In this area, we list those who have the most tournament wins:  Goofy ( 74 wins),  Andy1 ( 41 wins),  yannick ( 40 wins),  Mosselman ( 33 wins),  baggur ( 32 wins).

Game Wins

The following people have the most game wins:  yannick ( 558 wins),  Andy1 ( 533 wins),  Goofy ( 456 wins),  HOTSUN ( 394 wins),  Mosselman ( 358 wins).

Highest Winning Percentage

Here are the players who have the highest percentage of games won:  Roadkill ( 63.81%, 210 games),  ddddale ( 63.60%, 239 games),  Harijs ( 61.63%, 443 games),  Fred31 ( 55.00%, 80 games),  StevenL ( 53.75%, 80 games).

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December 10, 2006

Thoughts upon a position: 8. The deciding move

You may think that solving a position when the correct answer is already posted is no fun at all. However, I am very glad to read your comments with the right answer among wrong ones. In this way, there is no need for me to reply. You do it all (right and wrong) by yourselves.

Today’s position requires tactical skills (as the previous ones) but there are only nine pieces on the board. I use this as a prelude to some endgame problems which I have chosen for the approaching Christmas holidays.

a8 b8 c8 d8 e8 f8 g8 h88
a7 b7 c7 d7 e7 f7 g7 h77
a6 b6 c6 d6 e6 f6 black Pawn on g6 h66
a5 b5 c5 d5 e5 f5 g5 black Pawn on h55
black Pawn on a4 b4 c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 white Pawn on h44
a3 b3 c3 d3 white Queen on e3 f3 white Pawn on g3 white King on h33
a2 b2 c2 d2 e2 black Queen on f2 g2 h22
a1 b1 c1 d1 e1 f1 black King on g1 h11
a b c d e f g h  

Black is a pawn up and has to play a winning move. Which one? Send your comments.

Have fun…

Important notice
This article is not available for new comments anymore, since it has been discovered by blog robots which managed to post comments with inappropriate content. Many thanks to all of you who contributed your own opinion.

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December 03, 2006

November 2006

Another month has gone by and another group of playChess notables step into the foreground for recognition. hal1958 is still working on tournament win 100, and the founder, Sixty4, has become active on the rankings list and joins the group who have been here the longest. A note of clarification: you may think people are missing from this list. They may be, because I begin from the rankings list. The criterion which causes people to jump on and off the list is "they finished one or more rated games of that league within the last three months". So people are constantly coming and going.


Here are players who have attained or are approaching significant anniversaries

6 Years completed recently

Joachim  joined 2000.11.26.  Bill  joined 2000.11.07.  xerxes2u  joined 2000.11.20.  JRockne  joined 2000.11.13. 

Approaching 6 Years

Herb_CN joined 2000.12.06. 

5 Years completed recently

ETC_Chess  joined 2001.11.16.  Marius_sah  joined 2001.11.26.  bossjos  joined 2001.11.21. 

Approaching 5 Years

Grabanzito joined 2001.12.23.  alldrix joined 2001.12.27.  Fred31 joined 2001.12.11.  Felipe_Lungov joined 2002.01.01.  lontjr joined 2001.12.18.  Idris joined 2001.12.16. 

4 Years completed recently

baggur  joined 2002.11.27.  MimiSiku  joined 2002.11.29.  BigAl  joined 2002.11.05.  JMD  joined 2002.11.23.  guitran  joined 2002.11.02.  froilo  joined 2002.10.31.  epenz  joined 2002.11.05. 

3 Years completed recently

Spotsychess  joined 2003.11.23.  knightprancer  joined 2003.11.23. 

Approaching 3 Years

GCP joined 2003.12.16. 

2 Years completed recently

Vince  joined 2004.11.11.  Gilt  joined 2004.11.17.  organic  joined 2004.10.30.  Varaboca  joined 2004.11.18.  garden  joined 2004.11.18. 

Approaching 2 Years

jml2501 joined 2004.12.12.  DANTONIFAYARD joined 2004.12.29.  Wernswig joined 2004.12.10. 

1 Year completed recently

docjan  joined 2005.11.14.  Niedermayr  joined 2005.11.19.  Frost666  joined 2005.11.17.  Veltliner  joined 2005.10.30.  IRONMAIDEN  joined 2005.11.06.  Viking  joined 2005.11.25.  Skipper_Robert  joined 2005.11.21. 

Approaching 1 Year

PLUTARCO joined 2005.12.30.  dreptenainte joined 2005.12.15.  Sobral joined 2005.12.14.  Crusaders joined 2005.12.29.  Ultimate joined 2005.12.31.  gridguy joined 2005.12.17.  mane_twice joined 2005.12.27.  WStanEvans joined 2005.12.29.  Littlearza joined 2005.12.11.  jackone joined 2005.12.27.  pirracas joined 2005.12.07.  TheBiologist joined 2005.12.28. 

Games Played

Here is a list of those who have played the most games:   mrchess (Class A, 2727 games) ,   hal1958 (Class A, 2715 games) ,   epenz (Class B, 2388 games) ,   ama49 (Class C, 1840 games) ,   Matu (Class A, 1763 games) .

Recently Ranked

This group has just qualified for the ranking list by completing at least 10 games:   Ioannes (Class E, 10 games, joined 2006.08.18),   Plonka (Class E, 11 games, joined 2006.11.01),   rene73 (Class B, 12 games, joined 2006.08.27),   half (Class E, 12 games, joined 2006.02.04),   Vord (Class B, 14 games, joined 2006.06.04).

Tournament Wins

In this area, we list those who have the most tournament wins:  hal1958 ( 94 wins, class A),  ETC_Chess ( 83 wins, class M),  Goofy ( 74 wins, class E),  luciano59 ( 64 wins, class M),  ama49 ( 63 wins, class C).

Game Wins

These players have the most game wins:  hal1958 ( 1155 wins, class A),  mrchess ( 1079 wins, class A),  epenz ( 822 wins, class B),  ama49 ( 781 wins, class C),  Matu ( 738 wins, class A).

Highest Winning Percentage

What's special about these folks? They have the highest percentage of games won. I have imposed a minimum number of games played in this category, in order that those who have played just a few games, and whose winning percentages are not therefore distorted. The minimum games chosen is 70, so that those eligible in this category are the top 75% in games played.

  luciano59 ( 83.52%, 353 games, class M),  ombre ( 82.56%, 172 games, class M),  PamperedPawn ( 81.08%, 333 games, class M),  Azimut ( 80.68%, 88 games, class M),  dynachess ( 78.57%, 84 games, class M).


The following people have been on the longest:  Jeroen (Joined 2000.06.18),  Sixty4 (Joined 2000.06.18),  lostpawn2000 (Joined 2000.06.30),  cabe (Joined 2000.07.08),  mrchess (Joined 2000.07.10),  NOHAU (Joined 2000.08.27),  suffix (Joined 2000.08.28),  Matu (Joined 2000.10.28),  Goofy (Joined 2000.10.28),  ddddale (Joined 2000.10.29).
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